Progress Report -> Refactoring Project - ( February 22 - 26 )

Evelyn Cusi Lopez
Mon, Mar 1, 2021 8:21 AM

Hi all,

Last week I did these tasks:

Tasks for this week:


Evelyn C.

Hi all, Last week I did these tasks: - Improve convert temporary to instance variable refactoring <> - Refactor methods to use Factory class instead of RB*Change classes directly <> - Add support for traits in RBNamespace <> - I fixed the issue of renaming classes and methods referenced in the traits' methods, so that it doesn't duplicate the method in classes that use the trait. - Add commands to use new refactorings with commander2 in Method context <> - Fix rename shortcut <> Tasks for this week: - Improve messages of issues: Incorrect message in Refactor push up with super sends #2656 <> , Deleting a class with references gives extra "Do you want to delete anyway" msg #2586 - Fix move to component refactoring issue. - Fix Inline senders refactoring issue ( - Continue improving extract setUp method refactoring. - Improve instance variable refactoring <> - Add ReplaceUsersOfInstanceVarXByY Refactoring <> Regards, Evelyn C. <>