This week (44/2022) on the Pharo Issue Tracker

Marcus Denker
Mon, Nov 7, 2022 10:31 AM

We merged 7 PRs this week


Refactoring Engine

We merged 7 PRs this week Fixes ===== - 11727 double click and drag does not select whole words #11838 - ClassParser: CDVariableNode should use AST of the variable definition #11788 - Closes #11817. The class creation text suggestion in Calypso now uses the current cl… #11846 - fixing OCBcToASTCache so that pcsForNode: gives the bytecode offsets associated to a node, in the ascending order #11847 - Change extract method shortcut to cmd e, cmd m #11839 - Fix #11794: Enhance CI to use the right VM version #11795 Refactoring Engine ================== - Transition MoveMethodToClassSide refactoring to use driver object #11825