Progress Report -> Refactoring Project - ( May 31 - June 4)

Evelyn Cusi Lopez
Mon, Jun 7, 2021 1:00 PM

Hi everyone,

Last week I did these tasks:

Tasks for this week:


Hi everyone, Last week I did these tasks: - Fix Deprecate class refactoring. Fix issue: . Check the changes in the PR #9411 <> - Remove selected item when we create a new composite scope. Check the changes in the DefaultScope branch <> - Replace use of modals to blocked dialogs (with this change you have the same behavior of modal whitout block the background). Check the changes in the PR #9412 <> - Add key combinations, to use ENTER to press accept, apply, rename. SCAPE to press cancel and BACKSPACE to select/unselect items in a list (this because I have problems using SPACE, this is not recognized). Fix issue: - Work with auto selection scope from browsers. Still in progress. - Start to fix the issue to find occurrences in extract method refactoring. Issue: Tasks for this week: <> <> - Fix issue: extract method refactoring issue - Fix issue: RB - Improve instance variable refactoring #8665 <> - Fix issue: RB - Inline all senders of class methods (instance creation) doesn't work, need improve pattern to search #9142 <> - Fix issue: Push Method does not work when the method contains a super call <> - Fix issue: preview default button should be apply <> <> Regards,