Progress Report -> Refactoring Project - ( March 8 - 12 )

Evelyn Cusi Lopez
Mon, Mar 15, 2021 9:16 AM

Hello all,

Last week I did these tasks:

Tasks for this week:


Evelyn C.

Hello all, Last week I did these tasks: - Fix PR: RB - Migrate some class commands to commander2 <> #8709 <> - Introduce new refactoring: Copy package <> , I took longer than expected with this issue, since I had to modify and add some functionalities to the RBNamespace model - Improve comments of some refactorings <> - Start to introduce a new refactoring: Remove method senders <>, I still have some problems with this refactoring because it doesn't work as it should on cascading senders, I keep fixing it. Tasks for this week: - Continue working in: "Remove Senders Of Method" refactoring <> - Continue improving instance variable refactoring with live objects. <> <> - Improve extract setUp method refactoring. <> - Fix issue: <>Extract Method does not search in the subclasses <> - Fix issue: move to component refactoring issue. <> - Fix issue: <>Rewritting tool fails to place a cascade inside a cascade <> Regards, Evelyn C.