Progress Report -> Refactoring Project - ( May 24 - May 28)

Evelyn Cusi Lopez
Mon, May 31, 2021 12:36 PM

Hi everyone,

Last week I did these tasks:

Tasks for this week:


Evelyn C.

Hi everyone, Last week I did these tasks: - Add the scopes list to the calypso browser (took longer than expected because it had to mimic the behavior of Calypso scopes to receive and execute queries). See the changes in the branch: DefaultScope <>. See the new behavior in the video: Youtube video <>. - Add settings option to select a default scope . See the changes in the branch: DefaultScope <>. [image: imagen.png] - Add an intermediate class between modal and dialog to be able to use modals as dialogs specifically in refactorings because these have a strange behavior to get user values (this pr is still pending approval in the Spec project). Check the changes in the PR <>. To fix issues: #9060 <> and #5894 <>. - Start to fix the rename instance variable refactoring in live objects (check the discussion in a forum <> provided by *seandenigris* to guide me a little better) Tasks for this week: <> <> - Fix issue: RB - Improve instance variable refactoring #8665 <> - Improve messages: No understable message #9229 <> - Fix issue: RB - Inline all senders of class methods (instance creation) doesn't work, need improve pattern to search #9142 <> - Add option to rename scopes of scope lists. - Fix issue: Push Method does not work when the method contains a super call <> - Fix issue: preview default button should be apply <> <> Regards, Evelyn C.