Progress Report -> Refactoring Project - ( January 11 - 15 )

Mon, Jan 18, 2021 7:16 AM

Hi all

Last week I did these tasks:

Tasks for this week:


Hi all Last week I did these tasks: - Fix add parameter issue, now this refactoring can permute arguments ( ) - Fix extract method issue, when we have symbols and strings, now Literal node can compare correctly these types of literals ( -project/pharo/pull/8381) - Fix find and replace issue, to know how many occurrences were found and changed ( - I started to do the new "extract setUp" refactoring, by the moment this has some problems Tasks for this week: - Finish to do extract setUp refactoring - Migrate class and method commands, to commander2 - Fix undo refactoring issue - Fix Renaming protocol: current value not selected #4461 <> - Fix Cannot extract method with arguments #5855 <> Cheers, Evelyn