[Pharo-users] [pharo8-api-change] newTextEditor

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Sat Feb 29 14:00:22 EST 2020


RubPluggableTextMorph replaced the old PluggableTextMorph.

acceptOnCR: and changedAction: are not valid any more. For the former
never mind.

For the latter how should it be rewritten?

I read these

self textArea announcer when: RubTextChanged send:
#whenTextChangedInTextArea: to: self.


whenTextChangedInTextArea: anAnnouncement
    self announcer announce: anAnnouncement

It looks like we have both the old and new word of changes propagation.
I am wondering how to propagate it in DrGeo (pre-Announcement era)


        newTextEditorFor: self
        getText: #description
        setText: #description:
        getEnabled: nil)
        acceptOnCR: false;
        setBalloonText: 'A description of the script. To help the user,
describe carefully what the script does and the input arguments to
select to use it.' translated;
        changedAction: [:text | self changed: #isValid ];

Dr. Geo

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