[Pharo-users] DNS over HTTPS (DoH) in Pharo

Erik Stel erik.stel at gmail.com
Wed Feb 26 13:05:20 EST 2020


Thank you very much. The new package is really well done (again ;-).

For others/future readers: although not explicitly explained so by Sven, the
first examples will not work for all addresses. The first address returned
by the Cloudflare API can be another named address instead of IP address (a
kind of redirect). Therefore using the new package is more than just robust,
it offers more functionality as well. Don't be shy, use the full package and
use the NeoSimplifiedDNSClient class!

Trying all (except last) examples using 'www.nos.nl' as hostname will result
in an error, because the first answered address will be 'nos.nl'. The second
answered address wil be the actual IP address.


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