[Pharo-users] [ANN] Round 3 Results Are In

horrido horrido.hobbies at gmail.com
Sun Feb 23 13:41:50 EST 2020

My video serves one purpose; your video serves another. If I wanted to serve
your purpose, then yes, I'd make your video.

As to the sound track, the truth is, you can't choose one that appeals to
everyone. Musical tastes vary. I have no doubt that regardless of my choice,
somebody will always have an issue with it.

Richard O'Keefe wrote
> This is meant to be constructive, but won't seem that way at first.
> (1) The sound track very nearly drove me away in the first few seconds.
> I'm deadly serious about that.  I'm not on the spectrum, but my elder
> daughter is, and sensory sensitivities are very common amongst ASD
> people.  I'm rather sensitive to noise myself.  Now if the sound track
> were *relevant* to the message, I'd put up with it, but I can't for the
> life of me see any connection between the sound track banging away
> and what's happening on the screen.
> (2) Above all, it was a *missed opportunity*.  Here was the chance to
> add a narration telling us what we are seeing and what it all *means*.
> Something not unlike Code Bullet, maybe?
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSW-5m8lRMs
> (3) I don't give a tinker's curse for the score.  It's just a number
> without
> any context.  The scores for *all* the teams might be more interesting.
> The numbers that really matter are TIME, EFFORT, and SIZE.  How
> long did it take each team?  How much code did they end up with?  How
> much were they able to re-use?  How many false starts had to be thrown
> away?
> (4) The other missed opportunity was the chance to show some of the
> Pharo IDE in action.  Click on a cell, bring up the halo, explore the
> data structure, show some code, jump around in it.
> As it is, this clip shows me
>  - unknown code
>  - solving an unfamiliar problem
>  - written by people I know nothing about
>  - using unknown tools
>  - with no evidence that Smalltalk helped in any way.
> If I were a Blub programmer, I'd probably ignore this
> completely.  At best, I'd look for the problem specification,
> then say "who cares, I can do that easily in Blub".
> If you want to show that Smalltalk is the best thing since
> sliced cheese, you have to show that *Smalltalk* is relevant
> in some way.
> On Sun, 23 Feb 2020 at 03:53, Richard Kenneth Eng
> <

> horrido.hobbies@

> > wrote:
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNyu-3Y2arg
>> This time, the teams must deal with Jump cells, Warp cells, and Death
>> cells. If you land on a Death cell, you die and the simulation
>> terminates.
>> Next week is the most exciting round yet. Multiple teams will be
>> competing on the same board! This will look so damn cool on YouTube.
>> Richard

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