[Pharo-users] Hi-DPI Support

tbrunz wild.ideas at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 11:43:13 EST 2020

I'm also looking forward to Hi-DPI support being fully implemented in Pharo.

Until then, there is the "Display scale factor" slider and the ability to
change the font size.  However, most have probably already noticed that
these controls don't affect the size of the mouse pointer, which can be
annoying as it's much harder to find on big screens.

I recently found this posting, which is helpful:

Scaling for HiDPI in Pharo:
1.) Evaluating "MenubarMorph reset" will fix the menu bar scaling factor.  
2.) There's a SQUEAK_FAKEBIGCURSOR env var which you can set to 1 to have
the VM 
display the cursor twice as big as normal. I've no idea why the word 'FAKE'
part of this; from the source it looks like it just creates a normal X11
that's twice as big as normal. This should work with Cuis, Squeak, and
as it's part of the VM.

I found that entering "export SQUEAK_FAKEBIGCURSOR=1" will cause standalone
Pharo to have a normal-looking pointer on 4K displays, but this does not
seem to work as expected with Pharo Launcher, or images launched with Pharo

After some investigation, I determined that the 'pharo-launcher', 'pharo'
and 'pharo-ui' bash scripts (for Pharo Launcher and Pharo IOT) can be
modified to make this work.  

The trick is to add "env SQUEAK_FAKEBIGCURSOR=1" to the front of the command
that launches the VM/image within the above scripts.

I've fashioned a set of 'sed' one-liners to automate editing these scripts
accordingly, and am in the process of making a bash script that will use
them to add/remove/verify these edits in a user-friendly fashion.  (I also
have scripts that install Pharo Launcher and Pharo IOT in Linux, that create
& add clickable launcher icons; my plan was to modify these scripts to write
the cursor size correction scripts into their respective folders when
they're installed.)

I'll make this available when it's complete, likely in the next couple of

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