[Pharo-users] [ANN] Pharo-YUML

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Fri Feb 14 04:42:51 EST 2020


I published some very simple utility code on


to easily generate links for YUML. Use the load expression given on the project site or load "YUML" from catalog.

Allows you to get a class hierarchy image of an existing Pharo class.
It could help to include simple class hierarchy pictures into your (markdown or other) documentation.


   YUMLGenerator open: String

opens a browser to let YUML generate the class hierarchy of String. The clip the URL to your docu as image, for
instance in markdown write:

  ![Hierarchy of String](https://yuml.me/diagram/class/class/[String],[String]%5E-[ByteString],[String]%5E-[Symbol],[Symbol]%5E-[ByteSymbol],[Symbol]%5E-[WideSymbol],[String]%5E-[WideString])

If you need the URL directly then use

  YUMLGenerator new generateHierarchyFor: String

Docu is in https://github.com/astares/Pharo-YUML/blob/master/README.md including an example picture.

Maybe it is useful for others too.


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