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Hi Stef,

  here's my review/feedback

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> > On http://books.pharo.org/booklet-ConcurrentProgramming/

In fig 1.1 there needs to be a back arrow from Executing to Runnable which
is labelled "Preempted by a higher priority process" or similar.

In the label for fig 1.2 the word "pending" should be replaced with

Page 8, section "Process Priorities"
"At any time only one process is executed." should read "At any time only
one process is executing."
The line starting "Next table lists..." in the last paragraph on page 8
should read "The following table lists...".
The section might want to state some thing like "there that the current
implementation of the Pharo scheduler has process priorities from 1 to
100.  Only some of these are named.  But the programmer is free to use any
priority within that range that they see fit."  It would be good to include
examples which did things like "forkAt: Processor userPriority + 1", etc.

In the label for Fig 2.1 "ressources" should read "resources".  But
throughout that section I would word it that "processes need to share
resources", but "the process is waiting to acquire the resource".  So use
the plural for the general case and the singular for the specific case.
Sentences such as this: "P0 has finished to use the resources." should read
"P0 has finished using the resource."

In Section 2.1 Conclusion
"Semaphores are the lower synchronisation mechanisms." should read
"Semaphores are the lowest level synchronisation mechanisms."

Chapter 3, "Scheduler's Principles" should state that
"The Smalltalk scheduler is a real-time, cooperative, preemptive across
priorities, non-preemptive within priorities, scheduler."

The title to Chapter 4.5 "ShareQueue: a nice semaphore example" should read
"Share*d*Queue: a nice semaphore example"

Most of the paragraphs on page 49 in section 4.5 are still in French and
need translating.

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best, Eliot
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