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horrido horrido.hobbies at gmail.com
Sat Feb 8 21:30:09 EST 2020

Self-promotion??? I generally dislike inserting myself personally into
Smalltalk advocacy. My campaign is all about Smalltalk; I'm just the

If you're referring to my comment "at the risk of sounding immodest," I am
rightfully proud of my video. It does a damn good job of promoting Pharo.
Beyond that, however, I don't ever want this campaign to be about me.

So what self-promotion are you referring to?

As for "content-free," the video is good content, at least, from the
perspective of marketing. Of course, you wouldn't think it was valid content
if you don't believe in marketing Pharo, a sentiment that I think is
unfortunately shared by many in this forum.

Pierce Ng-3 wrote
> On Sat, Feb 08, 2020 at 05:50:18PM -0500, Benoit St-Jean via Pharo-users
> wrote:
>> MAYBE we need another list...
> Maybe Richard just needs to adjust the style of his mails...
>> This is getting ridiculous!  The guy spends energy, time, effort and is
>> able
>> to gather 13K in prizes and puts Pharo to the forefront with this cool
>> contest in schools, makes a lot of youngsters learn & use Pharo for their
>> projects, puts up a website, makes videos, writes blog posts, PROMOTES
>> Pharo
>> and he gets slapped for posting here ?!?!  WTF ???
> Like if the subject of Richard's mail is "Pharo success story part 3:
> blah blah" and his opening paragraph is descriptive, similar to what you
> wrote above, I'd read the mail and watch the video. As it is, his mail
> is content-free and comes across purely as self-promotion.
> Pierce

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