[Pharo-users] About "it's not pharo but smalltalk"

TedVanGaalen tedvga at gmail.com
Fri Feb 7 09:29:31 EST 2020

Although I'll stick to what I wrote,
looking back at what I wrote, it appears as to be
not friendly at all times, I will try to prevent that next time.
It also has to do with communication in writing only, which
is a whole lot different as talking and listening while e.g.
sharing a table together and discuss things e.g. during a coffee break..
and some laughter at times.

What I still kindly suggest:
make improvement/changes only in such
a way that anything written before will
run without any modification, which in fact
also means: do not deprecate things!

Downward compatibility prevents people
from have tediously edit and test their packages
again and again each time some have
the "brilliant" idea to deprecate stuff.
This is probably the biggest curse in 
software development these days. 

If you want to implement newer core like things
co-existence with previous is preferable.
Do at the very least not alter the core/system classes.

It is probably also the maximum level where
standardization in Smalltalk is possible, nevertheless..
This attitude then could open up the possibility for minimal
standardization for core/system classes. Solely on that level. 
On top of that everybody can build whatever they want.

In any aspect in industry the awareness that standardization
is a necessity is beyond any doubt, alas, not in software
development. One of the reasons aeroplanes are falling
from the sky, elections go wrong and so on.

For those not aware about the importance of standardization:
read this: 



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