[Pharo-users] About "it's not pharo but smalltalk"

TedVanGaalen tedvga at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 10:11:50 EST 2020

Dear Esteban, 
To make a long thread short:

For users, your attitude/opinion  implies the following facts:

-if adhering to Pharo, then all the things one creates become
increasingly incompatible with Smalltalk, because, in effect,
you state that Pharo abandons/deviates from Smalltalk as a standard.
-If a user wants to be productive:
Why then should they write applications in a Pharo if one looses
the compatibility with the rest of the Smalltalk world? 
(this is actually the REAL subject of this thread, not whether
or not "dissonant" opinions causes list "pollution" imho)

Btw, I am not exactly an "evangelist" with my ca. 2 or 3 
"contributions" to this forum per year, 
so I am not exactly flooding the list, am I?

(btw, most of my reactions to this list were about a 5 year old 
which still hasn't been repaired (VM problem i think))

However, I think this discussion is very important on a user level.
which highly influences whether or not to use Pharo as a real
tool for application development in a production environment
or to regard it as some sort of academic hobby, standing on its own?

But, don't worry, If you'd like to live on an island,
you're free to do so. 
Also of course you are free to completely
ignore and not having some initiative to at least try to
standardize Smalltalk, which would benefit all of us! (user perspective)
The latter btw goes for all Smalltalk incarnations alike, not only Pharo.

Perfect example how to more or less doom a fantastic programming
nowhere nothing found alike, by not talking, working together and reaching a
(no matter how hard this can be at times, the smaller the islands become) 

Currently I won't recommend Pharo any further to new Smalltalk
users because it puts them, without most of them realizing it, on an
island with no boats to get them back to the real world. 
Never mind, just ignore me, as I am just a mere speck in the 
IT/Smalltalk world and of little significance 

I will now forget this whole thing, take a sunny
walk along the Dordogne here, which, if it could talk,
undoubtedly will confirm my question: 
"Pardon me, Dordogne, for asking: Are you a river? " 
"Huh? Yes of course I am, and indeed a beautiful one too, if I may say so!
can't you see that?"

The river is a lot wiser that me: it's only talk
is the serene sound of eternal water flowing by
and the wind playing with the leaves of trees surrounding it.
I could learn a thing or two from that.. so can you.. 

Don't worry I will not react further on this.
eat your own cake, I don't mind.


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