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Thu Feb 6 05:37:00 EST 2020

Some rough & simple ideas...

1) Make Pharo visible on

There is currently 1006 tasks (mini projects) implemented in 764 
programming languages. Pharo is nowhere to be seen there, besides the 
programming language entry on the wiki for Pharo still points to This project has the advantage of exposing 
programming languages with small tasks/problems any newbie can work on.  
You always have the option to compare how it's done in your favorite 
language with the one you're trying to learn. is often a 
useful and popular source for people wanting to learn a new programming 
language by starting with some simple problems.

2) Hacker Public Radio (aka HPR)

This podcast has a big audience and lots of loyal followers. Anyone can 
create a podcast and upload it there for broadcast. Normally, 99% the 
podcasts are related to computer science, programming and technology.  
It is a well-known and respected podcast as they have already created 
over 3000 podcasts already (it's a daily podcast)! They are very 
flexible on what you can talk about and pretty lax on the format : as 
long as you talk about something you love and that could interested 
other, it's fine with them!

3) FLOSS Weekly

Another well-known podcast with lots of listeners! They've already 
covered Squeak and Seaside (long ago) but they haven't talked about 
Pharo yet.  Randall (Schwartz) is always looking for new guests and new 
subjects so I'm pretty sure having a podcast about Pharo would be easy 
and quick!


The Computer Language Benchmark Game is another good place to get 
exposure. BUT I suggest we wait a bit before publishing code there as, 
obviously, we won't get good numbers as compared to other languages...  
Let's wait for Pablo to finish his threading stuff in the VM first...  ;)

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