[Pharo-users] About "it's not pharo but smalltalk"

Benoit St-Jean bstjean at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 5 20:35:51 EST 2020

Here we go again...


What is wrong with you people? Seriously? With this "Pharo is NOT 
Smalltalk" BS? If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks 
like a duck, then it probably is a duck!

To convince yourself, I urge you all to try to evaluate this in any 
other Smalltalk (Dolphin, Cuis, VisualWorks, LittleSmalltalk, 
ObjectStudio, VisualAge Smalltalk, IBM Smalltalk, Instantiations 
Smalltalk, Smalltalk/X, ObjectWorks, Visual Smalltalk Enterprise, 
Smalltalk Express, Amber Smalltalk, Redline Smalltalk, Smalltalk MT, GNU 
Smalltalk, you-f*cking-name-it-Smalltalk) to see if it compiles:

Transcript inspect.
Workspace inspect.
Processor inspect.
Smalltalk inspect.
true inspect.
false inspect.
thisContext inspect.
nil inspect.
self inspect.
super inspect.
Undeclared inspect.
#someSymbol inspect.
#(1 2 3) inspect.
Object allInstances.
OrderedCollection class inspect.
Behavior inspect.
Class inspect.
MethodDictionary inspect.
Smalltalk garbageCollect.
3 at 4 inspect.
([ :a :b | a + b ] value: 3 value: 4) inspect.
[50 factorial] forkAt: Processor userBackgroundPriority.

Now, if you still think that Pharo is NOT Smalltalk, I strongly suggest 
we remove all the code that was inherited from Squeak (Smalltalk) or 
inspired/borrowed by/from VisualWorks & others.  Same thing for the VM : 
we should build our own from scratch as Squeak and Cuis also use the 
same!  And we should assign different numbers to every primitive we do 
share with all other Smalltalks out there since 1980 : we wouldn't want 
to be associated with any Smalltalk, right? We don't want any Smalltalk 
in Pharo, don't we, since it is NOT Smalltalk?

Besides, just so you can glady remove all traces of the "forbidden" word 
or heritage, you must know that the current Pharo 8 images has 1724 
references to the global Smalltalk.  If you dig a little bit deeper 
(adding comments, deprecated code, the string 'Smalltalk' as well as the 
#Smalltalk symbol, you'll end up with 5000+ occurrences of the 
"forbidden word" "Smalltalk" in the current Pharo 8 image.  Wanna add 
occurrences of "Smalltalk" in method names as well while we're at it? ;) 
But hey, Pharo is NOT Smalltalk, right? ;)  loll

Should I create a PR for every occurrence of the forbidden word so we 
can get rid of that shameful heritage and clean up the image?  We should 
also remove the strings Squeak (56 times), Cuis, VisualWorks, VW, 
VisualAge & others since Pharo is NOT Smalltalk?  Did I say it enough?  
Pharo is NOT Smalltalk!  Even if I can load Smalltalk code from 
SmalltalkHub, SqueakSource and ss3.gemtalksystems.com, Pharo is NOT 
Smalltalk, do you get it? I can load mcz packages made for Cuis & Squeak 
but, nonetheless, Pharo is NOT Smalltalk!  How many times do I have to 
say it?

Imagine the following discussion:

A- I heard you bought a new car?

B- No I bought a Toyota Corolla.

A- So you bought a new car!


Ain't that discussion & deny stupid enough?

I get the impression we constantly have this kind of denial/discussion 
here...  A serious case of SSS : Shame of Smalltalk Syndrome.

Pharo wants to be different : okay.  Fine. Cool!

But please, stop saying that Pharo is NOT Smalltalk.

It is.




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