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Wed Feb 5 16:45:02 EST 2020

I beg to differ. I believe it is possible to re-energize Smalltalk. I believe
/marketing/ is the key.


I've always known this was an uphill battle. Ultimately, you may be right,
but I choose to be more optimistic.

My philosophy is that it's better to have tried and failed, then to not have
tried at all.

Pavel Krivanek-3 wrote
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> > napsal:
>> > It is your initiative, you should know, nobody asked you to do it
>> Well, that's a peculiar attitude. There are many, many programming
>> language
>> evangelists and I don't think anybody "asked" them to do it. They do it
>> for
>> the love of the language.
>> I hear what you're saying, and I understand fully. I just don't agree
>> with
>> it entirely.
>> I think it's short-sighted. Smalltalk has long been criticized for being
>> a
>> secluded island, and now you want to do the same for Pharo? Even as I try
>> to
>> build bridges to the island?
>> You could ban everybody from this forum who aren't focussed 100% on Pharo
>> and you'd have a much smaller community. You could ban everybody who is a
>> Smalltalker. The result is a much more tightly focussed forum, clean and
>> free from distractions. Fine. But what is the long-term cost?
>> Smalltalk evangelism would come to an end. Why? Because frankly nobody is
>> interested in the other Smalltalks. Pharo is where all the action is.
>> And without Smalltalk evangelism, I don't see a path for Pharo becoming
>> more
>> than a niche language. Pharo doesn't show up an *any* language popularity
>> index. At least Clojure, Erlang/Elixir, and Haskell are in the top 30 in
>> several places.
>> At Indeed, there are 18 job postings in the United States that mention
>> Smalltalk, and none for Pharo. Even Clojure has 404, Erlang has 274, and
>> Haskell has 519, pathetic though these numbers are.
>> Yes, I also understand that there are many Pharoers who don't care about
>> remaining niche. That's a tragedy.
>> I would rather not have wasted the last five years of my life.
> Sorry to say that but you wasted the last five years of your life. Google
> trends for Smalltalk:
> [image: chrome_JbORSPVuGv.png]
> Smalltalk is dead. Dead and no-one can change it. It is an interesting
> historical curiosity. You are trying to sell a dead horse.
> And yes, Pharo is an irrelevant niche language and it is very unlikely
> that
> it will change in future. It definitely will not change If it will be
> promoted the way you do that.
> -- Pavel
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