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Is that really all you can see? If you trace back this thread, it began with a post (less than 24 hours ago) by Richard Kenneth Eng, drawing attention to a blog post by Lorenzo, whose title is also the subject of the thread:


Everything since then has been talking about that or about finding a link to an earlier post by Lorenzo.


I found the post interesting; my reaction is to wish there were more details. It is not Pharo, but is a Smalltalk application. I see no reason why you and Serge should say this is not suitable for this group; there are many posts here about non-Pharo Smalltalk activities.


Peter Kenny



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Am 05.02.2020 um 10:53 schrieb Lorenzo < <mailto:lorenzo at edor.it> lorenzo at edor.it>:


I am sorry; I was not awer of this kind of problem.

Do you think that an application in Smalltalk is not interesting for Pharo users even if it has been developped in Pharo?


which application? I just read about things you've lost and wordpress problems regarding a blog.





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