[Pharo-users] Workflows and possible usages

eftomi tomaz.turk at ef.uni-lj.si
Sun Sep 29 14:30:11 EDT 2019

> Anyone have any thoughts or directions to explore?

The main assumption about workflows is that they are easily understood by
non-developers, and that non-developers can be involved in the development,
within business environments. However, the workflows per-se were not
accepted well. For instance, even Microsoft's Windows Workflow Foundation in
.NET will not have any future in .NET Core, as it seems. 

The idea went on, but on a totally different "track" and by different
people:  today BPMN notation attracts most of the attention. It is being
used in business process management, processes design and reingeneering, and
it can be directly used in software development, together with use cases. It
has it's own role in information architecture frameworks. There are many
systems that support a direct SW automation in process-driven development
(e. g. Bonita https://www.bonitasoft.com/, ProcessMaker
https://www.processmaker.com/, Bizagi https://www.bizagi.com/, jBPM, Joget
... to list just a few). Most influential big players on this were Oracle
with SOA & BPM Suite and IBM WebSphere Process Server.

Most of these platforms are web based, they have various designers (like
process, data, forms designer), and extensive authentication and
authorization facilities. They use reliable technologies for database

So, as for the workflow core engine, I would bet onto BPMN and a direct
support for BPMN 2.0 XML standard
(https://www.omg.org/oceb-2/documents/BPMN_Interchange.pdf). This would be
the core. 

Just my two cents ...

Best wishes,

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