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eftomi tomaz.turk at ef.uni-lj.si
Fri Sep 27 09:49:25 EDT 2019

Hi Pablo,

Before doing Invoke() in COMDispatchInstance>>#dispatch, the array of
parameters for a COM method call is currently prepared under the assumption
that the parameter types reported by COM for a particular method should be
used directly, i. e. if a COM method reports VT_BSTR as its parameter type,
then the parameter value is prepared as VT_BSTR. This is implemented in
COMMethod>>#fillArguments:byTypeOn:. The fact is that this is not always a
one-to-one association. 

For instance, if a method reports VT_VARIANT as a parameter type, other
variant types could also be send, not just VT_VARIANT, but VT_BSTR, VT_I4,
..., too. It's the responsibility of the server to do the conversion and
report a problem if the conversion is not possible (for instance, converting
a string '42' to integer 42 works). 

Many COM objects implementations report "vague" parameter types, like the
VT_VARIANT that I mentioned, VT_USERDEFINED etc, and the fact is that the
server on the other side is usually quite forgiving. So, the actual
parameter value and its type that is prepared before the dispatch could
depend also from the data on the client side - my point is that if the COM
server is really expecting an integer number but is reporting VT_VARIANT,
you can send to it the string '42' as VT_BSTR or integer 42 as VT_I4 or
integer 42 as VT_I2 etc. 

My question is whether you had any plans to implement this behaviour, and if
yes, how? Of course, one thing is sending parameter values as a client, but
if we think about exposing Pharo classes through COM this should be
carefully planned for. A mapping between Pharo variant type classes and VT
classes is now prepared in TypeMapping class variable of Win32Variant. Maybe
we also need a mapping between Pharo/ST types from Magnitude, String and
other class families to COM VT types.

Anyway, I'm progressing well and various calls to ADODB's objects are
working - of course as a prototype :-)

Best wishes,


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