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> Do you have any use case in mind to start working on? 

As a professor at business school I have various use cases, like developing
business web applications where you cannot do anything without DB access (e.
g. Oracle, SQL Server), where COM & ADO could be used. Besides, I could
present to the students various cases of middleware connectivity &
integration, up to the REST API, along with the COM(+). I'm interested also
in workflow/business processes that another Pharo group is working on, but
that's a different story :-) And this would go together with the display of
a true OO language and dev environment. As a researcher I'm using tools to
grab, process, analyze and save the data in various forms and tools, where
Pharo could be the middle man - the orchestrator. To do that on the most
powerful level in Windows you need COM. 

To cut it short, my needs are not really complicated, since I need COM only
to "command" other applications and to get some basic/elementary data back.
For that, as I see, the PharoCOM prototype just needs additional data types
(at least the most used ones) to properly marshall the property and method
calls and arguments. Today I studied the world of VT_VARIANTs, VT_BYREFs,
VT_BSTRs and other strange types in COM world :-) If anybody has a good
e-book on this I'd be most grateful :-)

>From all the responses today I see that our desires go further, like:
- a possibility to generate wrapper classes as interfaces to outside servers
(Vince, Esteban M.) 
- expose Pharo objects as COM objects (Pablo)
- OLE/COM implementation on a real case (Cris) 

Pablo, I hope that these explanations are interesting to you. If we are
going to develop the functionalities together, then you have to give me/us
some directions and rules (github etc). And, patience please, Smalltalk is
my like tenth language, and I'm just starting more seriously with it :-)

For the development, is it preferable to use Pharo 8?

Best wishes,

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