[Pharo-users] Workflows and possible usages

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Thu Sep 26 04:12:50 EDT 2019

Hi everyone, in my day job I encountered an interesting domain problem that a previous java team has made a bit of a hash of ...

I thought it might be interesting to model it in Pharo to help explain it better to a new team  and I was interested in community thoughts as we have some of the best thinkers on tap.

The scenario is that a user is presented with several input fields to apply for a loan , one of them is Amount and another the type of loan (cash, invoice, machinery etc).

Depending on these answers, they are next presented with different questions - if the amount > 100k there are some high value questions, if the loan type is machinery there are some more additional questions on the type of machine etc. This progresses to a third form and potentially a 4th and 5th.

So it’s effectively a decision tree, that rules out different loan types.

The UI is a React web form, and I’ve suggested to the team to do some experiments with a dynamic UI that interprets a Json payload that describes the questions, so it’s really about how to model the questions and then render them out in this Json format.

I was wondering if this was a typical workflow problem (and whether the netstyle engine was appropriate or wasn’t there some other ones  announced recently too?)

I’ve never used a workflow engine - But it sounds a bit like the problem above? Or not?

Alternatively, I was thinking I could model groups of questions into a Decision, and then have a DecisionJourney of Decisions. Each decision could have some match and dependency criteria - e.g. some sort of matcher block eg [:d | d amount > 100 & d type = #machinery] and then some method to add questions to  a DecisionForm on a match which would then render the Json payload.

But I wondered if workflow engines just do this, and they might handle extra stuff for free.

Anyone have any thoughts or directions to explore?


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