[Pharo-users] Microsoft COM

Vince Refiti vince.refiti at trapezegroup.com.au
Wed Sep 25 19:34:44 EDT 2019

>>I'm very interested in COM implementation since I found Pharo to be very useful as a tool, and since I work in "windowed" environment the COM interaction is crucial to me. I decided to spent my free evenings working on the project finalization. I'm not sure of how long will it take though :-) Pablo, I hope that I can count on your help regarding the questions about the overall architecture that you set. 

Is anybody else interested in this? Maybe we can join our efforts.

Have you checked out Dolphin Smalltalk's way of creating COM components? The Dolphin guys have a wizard to "automatically generate wrapper classes for all the interfaces defined in the type-library" (from the help file).


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