[Pharo-users] Pumping FFI documentation [WAS] FFI beginner question

Brainstorms wild.ideas at gmail.com
Tue Sep 24 20:35:09 EDT 2019

Hi Guillermo,

I obviously gave the impression that I was focused on the UFFI
code/documentation, but actually I'm up for helping in this way for any/all
elements of Pharo, not just this one.

Reviewing & editing (for grammar, clarification, spelling & punctuation, et
al.) is definitely something I can help with.  That would apply to PDF
booklets, code comments, web pages, etc.  The English in Pharo is generally
very good, yet there are places here & there that could use.. 'polishing',
mostly to make Pharo's English prose look as professional as the tool it
represents, of course.  :^)

So the question is (given that you have a fairly high & wide view of
things), what elements could best use my talents & efforts?  If you want to
start with UFFI, that's fine with me.  It *is* a subject of interest for me,
and I have a long-term project idea that will require a good understanding
of it.  (I automate instrumentation for data acquisition & process control;
we started using Lua as a scripting language to allow our end-users to
script the operation of compiled apps we produce.  There's a potential to
also use Pharo to do this.  I think Lua's well-designed FFI will make
"swapping out" Lua for Pharo achievable.)

I'll dig into Pillar/Pier, install everything, and get the process
working...  Thanks for the detailed how-to for setting these up!  It will
likely be next week at the earliest that I'll have that in place.

I'll also study the latest rev of the UFFI booklet to pick up the details of
how it works in Pharo, and run through the examples.  I'll make notes of my
impressions & questions for feedback "as a newcomer" (that won't be hard!)


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