[Pharo-users] FFI beginner question

Brainstorms wild.ideas at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 17:14:45 EDT 2019


I'm interested in helping, but at this point, I think I'd be most helpful
working at improving documentation (mainly editing) rather than working on
Pharo code itself.  (I'd like to work toward that, though.)  

I'm still a newbie with Pharo, but I am a good writer/editor.  And I expect
that working with Pharo documentation would be another means of increasing
my knowledge of the Pharo ecosystem -- so that's additional incentive for

I gather that the PDF books are written using Pillar, which I know nothing
about.  Are there resources & guides for this tool/format that would help me
learn how to make & edit these kinds of documents?

Also, I've never contributed to an open source project; Pharo seems to be a
good place to start doing so.  I see that most of the documentation, web
pages, booklets, etc. are in English so there's the advantage that English
is my first language (and I actually paid attention in school  :^).  I'm
also aware, from experience, that Documentation is rarely the first choice
for developers to apply their time & enthusiasm...


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