[Pharo-users] Playground - retrieving pages from play-cache

PBKResearch peter at pbkresearch.co.uk
Sun Sep 22 14:19:47 EDT 2019

I have a mystery when using the 'Play Pages' button on the top right of the
playground. One particular file, which has been through several versions,
never appears in the drop-down list on clicking this button. It is in the
play-cache, and I access it by opening the file from the file explorer with
WordPad, then copying and pasting into the playground. 

More mysteriously, having got at in this way, as a test I closed the
playground containing it, then clicked the 'Play Pages' button in a new
empty playground; the mystery file was there at the top of the list. Close
down Pharo and restart, click 'Play Pages' in a new playground, the file is
missing again.

Is there anything I should be doing to ensure it is accessible? I have tried
closing the playground before I shut down Pharo, and alternatively leaving
it open and letting the Pharo shut-down close it. Does 'Play Pages' work by
examining the contents of the 'play-cache' folder, or does it maintain its
own list of files?

I am using 32-bit Moose Suite 6.1 (Pharo 6.0 Latest update: #60541) on
Windows 10.

Many thanks for any help


Peter Kenny


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