[Pharo-users] pharo for ios and android

Craig Latta craig at blackpagedigital.com
Sun Sep 22 07:13:41 EDT 2019

Hi Richard--

> I see there is a caffeine.js.org/pharo... I'm trying it but it takes
> rather longer to start than the Squeak page.

     Ah, I recently condensed the changes file of the Squeak version, so
the first download is much faster. I also think the Pharo 6 image I was
using is much larger than the Squeak one, for some reason. I intend to
update the Pharo image to version 8 soon, anyway.

> By the way, I'm using Firefox on Ubuntu, so what do I type to get, for
> example, "print it"? Ctrl-P is captured by Firefox.

     You should be able to use the normal meta key for your host
platform, it's a bug in the supporting page code in
.../js/squeakjs/squeak.js if not. We can handle command key events
ourselves and then call .preventDefault() on them, to keep the web
browser from chiming in. It should be that Smalltalk handles all of them
except for copy/cut/paste/reload.

     Thanks for checking it out!


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