[Pharo-users] Code of Conduct

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Sat Sep 21 02:43:33 EDT 2019

Le 19/09/2019 à 21:20, Esteban Lorenzano a écrit :
> So we are going to take the simplest one we could find that still can
> serve our community, you can see it here: 
> https://github.com/pharo-project/pharo/pull/4660

Given the heat up on the ml, I took a look on the PR. It looks honest
and simple for but...

...I am really surprised -- worried will be more accurate ! -- by the
second part of this sentence[1]. I think it is even dangerous! What is
happening outside of the Pharo community should not be ruled by the
'WE'. The 'WE' is not the universal moral police or justice. If you
think a bit about the Richard Stallman event, he was forced to withdraw
of the Free Software Foundation because comments he made in a mailing
list not related to FSF. He wrote his email contents were misinterpreted
(and we know it happens often) and used against him. Whatever it is true
or not, I don't see why you should be socially banned (or socially
killed) from one place (or more like all place) because of what happen
in another place. This kind of important decision can only be taken by
the justice where all matter are taken in consideration. Imagine one of
you kicked out of Pharo community because you loose your mind in another
channel? It makes me feel a bit like the Aldous Huxley world.

[1] /We will not tolerate harassment from anyone in the Pharo community,
even outside of Pharo’s public communication channels./


Dr. Geo

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