[Pharo-users] Code of Conduct

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray.luna at mutabit.com
Fri Sep 20 19:00:47 EDT 2019


For me is kind of curious how all this discussion on the Code of Conduct
has showed some hidden assumptions. For example, it seems that having
one and mentioning identity in it shows from a left wing progressive
agenda, but not having any or not talking about identity doesn't show
a... "right wing regressive agenda", is just normal. Also the hidden
agendas when identity is mentioned are for the Pharo Community, no for
the ACM or hundreds of technical communities out there that exist
decades ago and even have the word "identity" before the times when
there is a direct causal relation between such world and hidden agendas.

Technology and code exist "ex nihilo", without any context to be
considered. I would like that the immigration guards think the same, any
time I go to a technical conference and I almost always get the totally
random and "lucky" extra line because my Colombian password and the
eventual "joke" about Pablo Escobar from some people at immigration.
Fortunately my code talks for me because is just a technical community
meeting in another country and this extra immigration time and paperwork
is just in my imagination in this neutral and apolitical world where
technology is developed. Ohh and funding and free time for development,
is so not related on where are you located. Ethnicity is just a happy
accident that has no relation with identity.

After my argumentation by counter example, is good to see that some
other people is willing to compromise, and think outside their own
(privileged?) position. I don't want my code to be accepted because of
my passport, but I don't think neither that code exists ex nihilo, as
experience have showed me how context influences the time/resources I
can put behind my code and participation in community spaces.

I think that a community that recognizes diversity and is willing to
compromise is being showed in the CoC construction process: I like the
way the original punitive tone was replaced with a specific suggestion
giving opportunity for both sides, how this was taken into account by
the board and the feedback was constructive in the PR and its acceptance.



On 20/09/19 12:34 p. m., Ramon Leon wrote:
> On 2019-09-20 7:44 a.m., Steve Quezadas wrote:
>> Or maybe you're too easily offended and the problem lies with you.
> It's fairly obvious now, the Pharo leadership is occupied by left wing
> progressives who are intent on bringing identity politics into the
> community. While the new CoC is vastly better in its current state, it
> still insists one the left wing political ideology of respecting
> people's chosen identities as if that has any bearing at all on anything.
> * One's identity is not relevant in a technical forum.
> * One's code is not better because of one's identity.
> * One's arguments are not more sound because of one's identity.
> * Ones point of view are not more important because of one's identity.
> Any calls to respect someone's identity are thinly veiled attempts to
> impose objectionable left wing political language onto the community.
> I don't care how anyone identifies, but I'm under no obligation to
> play along and it is not disrespectful to disagree with these
> political beliefs. The maintenance of ones identity and self image is
> theirs to worry about, I have no obligation to support the maintenance
> of someone else's ego. You can identify as a pink unicorn for all I
> care, but no I do not have to respect that or play along.  Nor will I.
> I'm saying this here because the pull request to remove the word
> identity was rejected without explanation, discussion, or comment.
> Progressives seem intent on ruining everything.

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