[Pharo-users] Where did all the Comments Go?

Andrew Black apblack at pdx.edu
Fri Sep 20 17:59:08 EDT 2019

My third attempt to post this ...

I’m coming back to Pharo after not having used it for several months.  I’m pleased to see that Pharo 7 is now stable and that work has started on Pharo 8.

I downloaded a new Pharo Launcher (the old one could no longer figure out which version of the VM to use), used the Launcher to create a Pharo 7.0 stable image, and started loading my packages into it from github.

My attempt to install the baseline of my code failed when some initialization code could not get the definitionComment for my parser (which is written using SmaCC).  Normally, SmaCC stores one’s whole grammar _as a method comment_ in a method called definitionComment.   Oddly, this method was empty, even though the version on disk (in the file Grace-Parser.package/GraceParser.class/class/definitionComment.st) contained the comment, as I expected.

Hoping to at least complete the installation of my code, I manually copied the comment from this file into Calypso and saved the method.  It looked fine, but as soon as I moved Calypso to another method, and then back again, the comment had disappeared.  I experimented with adding comments to other methods: they looked fine, and I could save the method, but if I moved to another method and then back, the comment had disappeared.

Class comments have also disappeared.

I don’t think that this is a Calypso problem, because the loading of code from git would not involve Calypso. Rather it is a code storage problem.  I saw a File System primitive failure when I launched my new image, but ignored it; I’m guessing that the comments disappear because they are only in the file system, whereas the code is in memory.  And for some reason I can’t access the sources file?  The changes file ahs been created as expected.

I just tried downloading the VM manually, and running the “stable” image that I created, and this time got a different file system primitive failure on startup: #createDirectory in MacStore.

What’s going on?  What’s the right way to get a working Pharo in the New World Order?


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