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Ben Coman btc at openinworld.com
Fri Sep 20 15:33:49 EDT 2019

On Sat, 21 Sep 2019 at 01:35, Ramon Leon <ramon.leon at allresnet.com> wrote:

> On 2019-09-20 7:44 a.m., Steve Quezadas wrote:
> > Or maybe you're too easily offended and the problem lies with you.

Its all too easy for threads to drag out tit for tat.
I'd be impressed to see who can take the high road to wrap this up.

btw, you know why my wife always gets the last word in an argument?
Because the next thing I say is the start of a new argument.

> It's fairly obvious now, the Pharo leadership is occupied by left wing
> progressives who are intent on bringing identity politics into the
> community.

Thats not the impression I get, otherwise the full Contributor Covenant
would still be being rammed down your throat.

The impression I get is that its easy to think the full CC is a good thing
without being aware of its negative perceptions and consequences.
The original PR seems to have been accepted on that basis (and maybe even
submitted on that basis)
The board seems to have now taken account of opposing viewpoints and
determined a middle path.
That seems far from being a left wing progressive.

> While the new CoC is vastly better in its current state, it still insists
> one the left wing political ideology of respecting people's chosen
> identities as if that has any bearing at all on anything.

In a broad community like ours there will always be diverse opinions.
Often the only way forward is compromise.
If you are not compromising, then you are dictating, and there is no place
for that on non-technical topics.

A good compromise is sometimes said to be when opposing parties are
**equally** dissatisfied.
So if you are remain dissatisfied with the current simplified Code of
please balance how dissatisfied your nemesis would be with the result.

Any calls to respect someone's identity are thinly veiled attempts to
> impose objectionable left wing political language onto the community.

That feels to me like an extreme interpretation.

> I don't care how anyone identifies, but I'm under no obligation to play
> along and

> it is not disrespectful to disagree with these political beliefs.

Agreed, except contending the Pharo leadership are left wing progressives
and "progressives a ruining everything" is getting close...

I'm saying this here because the pull request to remove the word identity
> was rejected without explanation, discussion, or comment.

...when I'd guess it was more likely:
* they feel what they now have is a sufficiently good compromise
* the term "identity" didn't carry the same weight with them so the PR
seemed frivolous
* want to back to real work quick as possible
* felt under no obligation to play along with every extreme viewpoint (your
viewpoint is valid for you, but is at the other extreme from progressives)

That said, some comment would have helped

Overall I believe the board did a good job determining a middle path and
want to thank them for their decisive action.

I will finish by saying, going forward I hope we don't have a hair trigger
sensitivity against the odd slip.
That has its own consequence in not being welcoming of diverse people.
We're not robots and its hard to be completely mindful all the time.  Its
more about pattern of behaviour.
Also, if you do slip and are called out on something, take a moment to
consider that others may have personal experience that makes them
So when someone's toes are stepped on, its okay for them to say "Ow" and
then both parties leave it at that.

Lets get back to work.
cheers -ben
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