[Pharo-users] uFFI ExternalAddress challenges

eftomi tomaz.turk at ef.uni-lj.si
Mon Sep 16 16:12:55 EDT 2019

A rudimentary disphelper library "approach" is working OK, I succeeded to
create a connection to SQL Server through ADODB, too, which is rather cool,
since I've been looking for this functionality for too long. 

I re-checked Pablo's pharo-com package and it is rather comprehensive - it
successfully creates COM servers and more. However, when trying to invoke
writing to COM server properties, as in:

wordObj propertyNamed: 'Visible' put: true. 

the call fails with: 

Primitive failed: primitive #integerAt:size:signed: in ExternalAddress

Problematic method uses a primitive

<primitive: 'primitiveFFIIntegerAt' module:'SqueakFFIPrims'>

which probably doesn't exist. Does anybody know about the purpose/intent and
the history of this primitive in 'SqueakFFIPrims'? 

I think it would be a pitty that we leave Pablo's work unfinished.

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