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Kasper Østerbye kasper.osterbye at gmail.com
Sun Sep 8 02:02:30 EDT 2019


collect: forms a new collection of the same kind as its receiver. In this
case a set. As the result of your collect:
#(1 2 3) asSet collect: #odd)
is booleans, the resulting set will contain only to elements (the duplicate
odd resulting in true is removed).

collect: thenDo: applies the collect-block to each element of the receiver,
and then applies the do to each of those results. You can see the
implementation of collect:thenDo: in class Collection.



On 7 September 2019 at 17.22.03, Herby Vojčík (herby at mailbox.sk) wrote:


(#(1 2 3) asSet collect: #odd)
do: [ :each | Transcript show: each; cr ]

> true
> false


#(1 2 3) asSet collect: #odd
thenDo: [ :each | Transcript show: each; cr ]

> true
> false
> true

Bug or feature?

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