[Pharo-users] Connection Timed Out

horrido horrido.hobbies at gmail.com
Sun Sep 1 17:06:01 EDT 2019

This didn't fix the issue. It's not a matter of adjusting timeout values.

However, I believe I've resolved the matter, more or less. You see, I think
the problem is with Gmail...

My Teapot application is using
ZdcSecureSMTPClient>>sendUsingGmailAccount:password:to:message:. For
whatever reason, Gmail is taking to long to respond.

In the main thread, timeout causes the network to report a timeout error to
the web browser. It seems that the Pharo application cannot capture this.

But if I fork a process to do the sendUsingGmailAccount function, Pharo does
capture this...a debug window opens with the timeout error message. The
debug window tells me that it's timing out on waiting for data on the

Fortunately, the debug window does not prevent the Pharo application from
continuing normally. So I can live with this.

The alternative is to NOT use Gmail as a SMTP relay and *manually* send
emails to my recipients. However, this would be extremely tedious and

I'll play it by ear. If the timeouts and debug windows prove to be
problematic, I can fall back on manual emailing. Such is life in the world
of networking.

horrido wrote
> I did a bit of research on the web and I discovered that nginx can be
> unreliable due to default or inappropriate settings for certain timeout
> values. Currently, I'm testing a possible fix: set /keepalive_timeout/ to
> 90, rather than the default 65. So far, it seems to work, but I need
> further
> testing.
> Ben Coman wrote
>> On Wed, 28 Aug 2019 at 03:12, Richard Kenneth Eng <
>> horrido.hobbies@
>> >
>> wrote:
>>> I have a Teapot application running under Linux and nginx. From time to
>>> time, I get the following error: *ConnectionTimedOut: Data receive timed
>>> out.*
>>> Otherwise, the Teapot application works fine, even with this error
>>> message.
>>> Can anyone tell me what or where it's timing out, and how can I change
>>> the
>>> timeout value?
>> I'm not familiar with Teapot, but a screen snapshot might help.
>> Hopefully someone else has some ideas.
>> cheers -ben
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