[Pharo-users] [ANN] BitmapCharacterSet moved to GitHub

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Wed Oct 23 11:17:11 EDT 2019


the STHub -> PharoExtras project "BitmapCharacterSet"

1. was now moved from http://smalltalkhub.com/#!/~PharoExtras/BitmapCharacterSet to
   https://github.com/pharo-contributions/BitmapCharacterSet including the FULL HISTORY

   The old STHub repo was marked as obsolete - but is linking to the new one

2. the test package "Collections-Tests-BitmapCharacterSet" was renamed into "Collections-BitmapCharacterSet-Tests"

3. Travis CI job was setup (https://travis-ci.org/pharo-contributions/BitmapCharacterSet) for P7 which is green

4. the new version is tagged in git as version 1.2.7.

5. the Config was adopted with 1.2.7 and uploaded into MetaRepoForPharo70 so it works in catalog

You can load "BitmapCharacterSet" in Pharo 7 and 8 from Catalog or via load instructions

  Metacello new
	baseline: 'BitmapCharacterSet';
	repository: 'github://pharo-contributions/BitmapCharacterSet/src';

Side note:
This is one of the prerequisites for XML support (which is planned to be moved to github too)
More to come...


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