[Pharo-users] [ANN] XMLParser moved to GitHub

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Tue Nov 19 06:32:29 EST 2019


the STHub -> PharoExtras project "XMLParser"

was now moved from http://smalltalkhub.com/#!/~PharoExtras/XMLParser to
https://github.com/pharo-contributions/XML-XMLParser including the FULL HISTORY

The old STHub repo was marked as obsolete - but is linking to the new one. I've also
setup an CI job:  https://travis-ci.org/pharo-contributions/XML-XMLParser
which is green for Pharo 7. Some cleanups, class comments and docu was applied as you can
see from commit history.

The new version is tagged in git as version 3.5.0 (with a moveable tag 3.5.x in case further
hotfixes are required).

If you want to load use

   Metacello new
	baseline: 'XMLParser';
	repository: 'github://pharo-contributions/XML-XMLParser/src';

or try to load from catalog in Pharo 7 and 8.

For referencing in own baselines I would suggest to use the 3.5.x tag line:

  xmlParserOn: spec
		baseline: 'XMLParser'
                with: [
				loads: #('Core');
				repository: 'github://pharo-contributions/XML-XMLParser:3.5.x/src' ].
		project: 'XMLParser Tests' copyFrom: 'XMLParser' with: [ spec loads: #('Tests') ];
		project: 'XMLParser Tools' copyFrom: 'XMLParser' with: [ spec loads: #('Tools') ]

Currently there is a dependency on OrderPreservingDictionary project which will be thrown out in
a later iteration (see attached graph and [1] for more details).

More to come soon ...

Have fun

[1]  https://lists.pharo.org/pipermail/pharo-users_lists.pharo.org/2019-November/044793.html
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