[Pharo-users] [ann] moose 6.0

Tudor Girba tudor at tudorgirba.com
Mon Aug 15 03:14:30 EDT 2016

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce version 6.0 of the Moose Suite, the platform for software and data analysis built in Pharo:


The key highlights are:
- It is based on Pharo 5.0 including the latest version of the Glamorous Toolkit.
- It includes the SmaCC parsing framework together with parsers and abstract syntax trees for Java, JavaScript and Swift.
- Roassal2 comes with several enhancements.
- Famix features a new and generic query API engine.
- Moose Finder and GTInspector come with more custom presentations and visualizations.
- SmaCC comes with a dedicated debugger.
- The debuggers for Glamour, PetitParser and Announcements received a new update.
- DeepTraverser is an order of magnitude faster.

Extra highlights:
- Roassal2 is documented in a brand new book: http://agilevisualization.com
- jdt2famix is a new open-source importer for Java: https://github.com/girba/jdt2famix

The Moose Suite 6.0 comes for each platform as a separate bundle:
- For Mac: http://moosetechnology.org/res/download/moose_suite_6_0-mac.zip
- For Windows: http://moosetechnology.org/res/download/moose_suite_6_0-win.zip
- For Linux: http://moosetechnology.org/res/download/moose_suite_6_0-linux.zip

The Moose Suite 6.0 can also be loaded in a Pharo 5.0 image either from the Configuration Browser, or by executing the following script:

Metacello new
    smalltalkhubUser: 'Moose' project: 'Moose';
    configuration: 'Moose';
    version: #stable;

The Moose team
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