[Pharo-users] MessageDialogWindow(s)

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Mon Apr 11 15:56:59 EDT 2016

On 11/04/16 18:53, Rob Rothwell wrote:
> Where can I learn how to open a bug entry and/or how to submit a fix?


Create an account at pharo.fogbugz.com,
log in and add a new issue. Select the
image version the bug should be fixed
against and the priority. Describe it by
copying the relevant information from
these posts.

A fix is created by taking the latest
version of the pharo image (of the right version),
making the change there, ideally adding a a test
that fails in the buggy situation and succeeds
with the fix. In Monticello, create a slice
containing only the packages that you needed to change.
If you type the issue number in the slice field,
its description will be automatically downloaded.
Commit the slice to the pharo inbox for the right version,
copy the commit text to the clipboard. (that assumes that
you signed the contributors license agreement and have
commit rights to the inbox).

In the issue tracker, click on resolve, paste the
commit text and select Resolved (Fix Review Needed).
That will trigger the Monkey to run system tests.
Once it passes, someone else should review the fix
so it can be Resolved (Fix To Include).

(Sometimes, the monkey times out, and you need to tell
it to run again).


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