[Pharo-users] Mathex first release is out.

Julien Delplanque julien at tamere.eu
Sun Sep 20 13:44:11 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I'm sending this mail for those who are eventually interested in the 
Mathex package
I announced in a precedent mail 

Mathex has now its first release: 0.1 (the latest release will always be 
in the same state
as master branch, new features will be on bleed till there is no new 
release. So basically,
releases are not really usefull except for announcing them :) ).

Here is a list of changes/additional features since the last mail:

- Greek letters are defined as globals: Alpha, Beta, ...

- Additional packages for more latex commands 

- GT-Inspector extensions to:
     * explore the tree formed by Mathex objects
     * see the LaTeX code generated by a Mathex object
     * Have a preview of the compiled LaTeX code using pdflatex

- The possibility to define custom commands made of Mathex objects 
composition using
blocks (see: https://github.com/juliendelplanque/mathex/wiki#advanced-uses)

- Documentation available on the wiki (more to come)

- A code rewriter and its GUI (not documented yet and still 
experimental) that allows you
to write "Mathex Smalltalk" ie Smalltalk code where #asMathex message is 
sent to all literals automatically.
This make the code lighter because in spite of  '(1 asMathex + 2 
asMathex) equal: 3 asMathex.', you can write:
'(1 + 2) equal: 3' and get Mathex objects that are able to generate LaTeX.

- The possibility to create Mathex objects using symbols. For example: 
'#vdash asMathex' returns a MVdash object.

- Added messages to do things like:
'$a asMathex ==> $b asMathex' and get the latex code 'a \Rightarrow b'.

- Some refactoring

And probably things I forgot

Some links:

Mathex github repository: https://github.com/juliendelplanque/mathex
Mathex 0.1 release: 
https://github.com/juliendelplanque/mathex/releases/tag/0.1 (you can 
just follow instructions in this mail or in the README to get it).
Mathex wiki: https://github.com/juliendelplanque/mathex/wiki.

Install Mathex package:

Metacello new
     baseline: 'Mathex';
     repository: 'github://juliendelplanque/mathex/repository';

Install Mathex extensions (after Mathex package installation):

MLoader loadArrows. "Load Mathex-Arrows"
MLoader loadBinaryOperators. "Load Mathex-BinaryOperators"
MLoader loadLoglike. "Load Mathex-Loglike"
MLoader loadMisc. "Load Mathex-Misc"
MLoader loadRelations. "Load Mathex-Relations"

Install GT-Inspector extensions (after Mathex package installation):

MLoader loadGTInspectorExtensions.

Add a preview of the LaTeX code compiled in GT-Inspector (only for linux 
users from now, sorry for others)

Comments, help and critics are welcome.


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