[Pharo-users] Mathex: Generating latex math from Pharo.

Julien Delplanque julien at tamere.eu
Sun Sep 6 10:15:00 EDT 2015

Hi everyone,

Some time ago, I asked for a framework that would allow me to write 
valid latex math from Pharo
(in a similar way that I used to do with pylatex in Python) see the 
thread here:

Damien Cassou pointed me the Pillar-ExporterLaTeX package to do it, so I 
used it to create the
Mathex package that you can get here: 
or by evaluating:

Metacello new
     baseline: 'Mathex';
     repository: 'github://juliendelplanque/mathex/repository';

for tests:

Metacello new
     baseline: 'MathexTests';
     repository: 'github://juliendelplanque/mathex/repository';

 From now, it does not support all the possible math commands of latex 
but you can already do things like:

(Phi equal: ((1 asMathex + 5 asMathex sqrt) // 2)) equation asString.

and get:

\phi=\frac{ 1 +\sqrt{ 5 }}{ 2 }\end{equation}

Also, and in fact this is the kind of feature I was looking for, you can 
export a Matrix into latex math like this:

(Matrix diagonal: #(42 42 42)) asMathex asString.

Each command/operation is represented by an object in the package.
To understand how I implemented that have a look on the 
MObject>>#doesNotUnderstand: where I explain it.

I will soon work on an importer that will create, automatically, latex 
command as objects from a file that describe
how to do it.

What do you think about this?

Hope this package could helps someone else one day.


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