[Pharo-users] How to programatically select an item in a Spec TreeModel ?

stepharo stepharo at free.fr
Mon Oct 26 16:34:04 EDT 2015

Le 24/10/15 06:06, Peter Uhnák a écrit :
>     > Unless Cyril is going to do the rewrite himself.
>     Wasn't that the plan? I'm confused :)
> Oh? I do not remember anyone mentioning on the mailing list that 
> someone will change Spec to use FT. Or was this from some internal 
> discussion at Inria/Synectique?

It is the plan since FT was introduced. The problem was that NewList API 
and FT were not compatible.
So we should check but no reason to keep NewList (bad design) and also 
if we could kill PluggableListMorph use.

> Peter

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