[Pharo-users] A stopwatch tool with calendar support

Dimitris Chloupis kilon.alios at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 07:33:48 EDT 2015

So my story goes a bit like this, I keep track of the time I spend doing 3d
graphics practice and I keep calendar to make sure I spend at least 30
hours per week practicing 3d graphics.

But I was bored doing it with pencil and paper and a stopwatch and I
thought it would be way cooler to make a tool in Pharo that is able to do
this. Basically just a stopwatch that records on the calendar my times.

Took very little time to find how to do this ,  it was as simple as

watch := Stopwatch new. watch activate. watch end. watch duration . watch
suspend. ​ label := LabelMorph new. [[label contents: watch
asString]repeat]fork. ​ label openInWindow.

I plan to make this part of my Ephestos project and I was wondering if
anyone would want this as a separate tool or there is already something
doing similar thing around.
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