[Pharo-users] Pharo family update

stepharo stepharo at free.fr
Sat Oct 24 03:27:19 EDT 2015

Superb! Really nice
Margritte -> Magritte
Mondorian -> Mondrian

to add

Never heard about PharoLink but you should have Garage (a database 
generic API)

You could add MongoTalk close to Voyage


Woden         3D

Omnibrowser is deprecated

I would put STON close to Fuel
May be you should move closer the two spots: import/export and data

Tide is not developed anymore so I would remove it
Add Reef instead (Javascript-enabled Web components)

About Graphics

you should have
     Athens (Vector graphics API)
     Bloc (new generation Morphic)
     Brick (new generation widgets)

Le 23/10/15 23:58, Adam a écrit :
> Hello,
> I just updated drawing of projects around Pharo.
> Main idea is to guide people (new users of Pharo) through fields of interests
> - something they might be looking for. I choose these 10 fields devided into
> some specific subjects. Somewhere it is too detailed, while elsewhere it is
> too fuzzy - it is just showing image of Pharo I have in my mind.
> It should help people to:
> - identify important classes in Pharo,
> - select right project,
> - understand what is application, tool or framework,
> - see what is allready inside main Pharo image.
> I would like to add links pointing to part of books or to videos where
> specific projects are used. And maybe a star symbol for very important or
> enterprise ready projects.
> As You can see I left few subjects empty. Maybe someone can help me fill this.
> But I will be happy for any type of correction - changing fields of interest,
> subjects, adding/removing projects etc...
> I prepared textual version on github - but right now it is not coherent with
> the drawing (I will correct this if needed).
> Adam.

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