[Pharo-users] Pharo family update

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray at riseup.net
Fri Oct 23 19:43:56 EDT 2015

Hi Adam,

Thanks for this work. It helps a lot. Some suggestions:

- I would put "(beginners) education" instead of learning for DrGeo and 
- I would add AidaWeb to the Web Development spot and put Import/Export 
and output near to data, because is closer to the path I have taken in 
my own newbie project.

At some point I think that maybe in another graph, would be nice to put 
"problems" instead of themes. For example, for my problem (interactive 
writing) I have used Roassal, Spec, Ston, GT Browsers and I think that 
most of the times you're driven by problems more that themes. So may be, 
once you have your family diagram ready, we can see how to complement it 
showing problems related to the projects we're making.

I wonder how can something like that be mapped on Roassal (but your 
SVG's are pretty fancy).

Keep the good work,


On 23/10/15 18:24, Hernán Morales Durand wrote:
> Hello Adam,
> Some feedback about the visualization:
> - The OmniBrowser is not supported anymore in Pharo. You could add 
> Nautilus which is the browser implementation (but not a browser library).
> - Monticello, Gofer and Metacello could be closer. I think Versionner 
> and FileTree (or GitFileTree) should be in.
> - Finder could be in near Spotter (I never used Spotter).
> - Event "framework" is missing (Announcement).
> - Mondorian -> Mondrian. But I think that is part of Roassal now (same 
> with Grapher).
> - There could be another category for Science with SciSmalltalk (and 
> BioSmalltalk of course :)
> - CommandShell, OSProcess, ProcessWrapper, FFI.
> - Spec could be added too.
> - The Twitter Bootstrap is nice too.
> - Logging support?
> - VM packages?
> About categories I would group in different way but it's personal 
> choice. Like Reflection, Code Analysis, Persistency, App Model 
> Frameworks (Chalten, Aconcagua), etc
> Cheers,
> Hernán
> 2015-10-23 18:58 GMT-03:00 Adam <adam at 234.cz <mailto:adam at 234.cz>>:
>     Hello,
>     I just updated drawing of projects around Pharo.
>     Main idea is to guide people (new users of Pharo) through fields
>     of interests
>     - something they might be looking for. I choose these 10 fields
>     devided into
>     some specific subjects. Somewhere it is too detailed, while
>     elsewhere it is
>     too fuzzy - it is just showing image of Pharo I have in my mind.
>     It should help people to:
>     - identify important classes in Pharo,
>     - select right project,
>     - understand what is application, tool or framework,
>     - see what is allready inside main Pharo image.
>     I would like to add links pointing to part of books or to videos where
>     specific projects are used. And maybe a star symbol for very
>     important or
>     enterprise ready projects.
>     As You can see I left few subjects empty. Maybe someone can help
>     me fill this.
>     But I will be happy for any type of correction - changing fields
>     of interest,
>     subjects, adding/removing projects etc...
>     I prepared textual version on github - but right now it is not
>     coherent with
>     the drawing (I will correct this if needed).
>     Adam.

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