[Pharo-users] Fossil and Filetree

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray at riseup.net
Wed Oct 21 17:04:12 EDT 2015

Hi Stef,

Thanks for this review. Because of its portability and simplicity I use 
it for every project I have. Since 2011 I'm writing my thesis as a solo 
"open research" exercise (before it get fashioned ;-) time line at [1]). 
Now I used in conjunction with STON to write all the thesis inside 
pharo, nothing fancy, just put STON grafoscopio trees inside a fossil 
repo a run commit from shell. Still I need to make STON DVCS friendly 
(long strings made fossil to treat it as a binary, but I haven't had the 
time to explore Sven's advice on this. My proposal on "pocket 
infrastructures"[2] tries to put Pharo, Fossil and SQLite as a 
bootstrapable (install pharo and it installs the rest) self contained 
system for interactive writing.


May Jimmie, Hilaire and you have more success into putting Fossil in the 
community radar :-).



On 20/10/15 11:03, stepharo wrote:
> 6.0 Review Of Key Concepts
> The fossil program is a self-contained stand-alone executable. Just 
> put it somewhere on your PATH to install it.
> Use the clone or new commands to create a new repository.
> Use the open command to create a new source tree.
> Use the add and rm or delete commands to add and remove files from the 
> local source tree.
> Use the commit command to create a new check-in.
> Use the update command to merge in changes from others.
> The push and pull commands can be used to share changes manually, but 
> these things happen automatically in the default autosync mode.
> It looks like something that I can understand.
> I'm sure that other people will get bored by the complexity of git 
> commands (because conceptually there not much in there).

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