[Pharo-users] Fossil and Filetree

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Tue Oct 20 15:46:53 EDT 2015


There is no problem.
I just *lack time* to keep moving on DrGeo features and migrate to
Pharo4.0 at the same time.

I quickly try Dr. Geo code on Pharo4 and realize it will need some work
and lot of user testing to get DrGeo as robust as it is now. We will
conduct end user experiment in primary school, so I don't think
migrating now will be a good idea.

I will very likely skip directly to Pharo 5.0, as I did from 1.4 to
Pharo  3.0 directly.


Le 20/10/2015 16:02, stepharo a écrit :
> Hilaire
> what is the problem that you encounter to still be in Pharo3.0?
> Stef
> Le 20/10/15 12:13, Hilaire a écrit :
>> Le 20/10/2015 11:20, Thierry Goubier a écrit :
>>> So it looks very similar to a filetree + git workflow ?
>>> Any taker on adding a fossil interface to filetree with the same
>>> approach as GitFileTree ?
>>> Thierry
>> Which version of GitFileTree should I take for Pharo3?
>> Hilaire

Dr. Geo

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