[Pharo-users] Fossil and Filetree

stepharo stepharo at free.fr
Tue Oct 20 12:03:04 EDT 2015

6.0 Review Of Key Concepts

The fossil program is a self-contained stand-alone executable. Just put 
it somewhere on your PATH to install it.
Use the clone or new commands to create a new repository.
Use the open command to create a new source tree.
Use the add and rm or delete commands to add and remove files from the 
local source tree.
Use the commit command to create a new check-in.
Use the update command to merge in changes from others.
The push and pull commands can be used to share changes manually, but 
these things happen automatically in the default autosync mode.

It looks like something that I can understand.
I'm sure that other people will get bored by the complexity of git 
commands (because conceptually there not much in there).

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