[Pharo-users] Voting for removing Seaside chapter from UPBE

stepharo stepharo at free.fr
Tue Oct 20 09:58:30 EDT 2015

I would not remove it.
It is there simple and oscar uses it in his lectures.
I do not see why this is a problem. I think that this is good to show 
that we can do some sexy/simple  web dev


Le 19/10/15 19:54, Dimitris Chloupis a écrit :
> I already mentioned this in Github issues but here is my take on this
> I vote for the complete removal of the Seaside chapter for several 
> reasons
> a) Its not a begineer orientated chapter as is the focus of this book
> b) its not general purpose as is the focus of this book
> c) far harder to keep this updated constantly which again is the focus 
> of this book, since not many of us use seaside
> d) It already has its own book and its own documentation which we can 
> easily refer to.
> e) Its not even part of Pharo standard distribution
> So I vote for the complete removal of this chapter so we have one less 
> thing to worry about updating and since its my personal opinion that 
> it does not fit the general character of this book.
> I would like your thoughts  on this since its a big change.

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