[Pharo-users] CiteZen and Pharo 5 / Pharo4 tests

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Sun Oct 18 11:33:13 EDT 2015

On 18-10-15 12:31, Stephan Eggermont wrote:
> I've committed a version to the MetaRepoForPharo50 as I
> couldn't write in the repo. In Pharo 5 it doesn't load.
> I changed the build to use the MetaRepo version and build both 4 and 5
> versions.

In Citezen-Reborn-StephaneDucasse.36 there is the method
CZSingleAuthorDocBuilder class>>#latex
that doesn't compile in Pharo 5

	"self latex"
	| builder |
	builder := self new
		fileNamed: ''rmod.bib'';
		fieldOrder: #(#author
			  # school
			  #misc); "removed doi and url since they may contain _ and the 
generator does not handle that well for the moment."
	builder generateLatexFile.

because of the space between # and school.

Getting from the Syntax Error: Expecting a literal type to the 
compilation context is 19 levels deep on the stack. I think it would be 
useful to present more information than just the error message and the 
source when loading & compiling a package.

BibPhraseLibrary twice uses #allMethodsInCategory: that should be 
replaced by allSelectorsInProtocol: (deprecated in Pharo 3) in 

In baseline1.7 the dependencies on Seaside/Grease/Pier/Magritte versions 
probably need updates. Magritte2 and Pier2 have never been tried on 
Pharo5 AFAIK. Smacc has moved to github.


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